Pure, Quality, Healthy, and Affordable Natural Mineral Water

At Sparkling, we are not about a product; we are about a better lifestyle. We believe that the right kind could change lives. Therefore, we offer easy access to clean and high-quality water in the Gambia region for all

Enriching Lives and Communities.

We have developed a solution to enhance lives. We provide services to the general public, retail stores, cooperate offices, government offices, bars,
restaurants, supermarkets, sports events, and ceremonies. Our vitalizing products cater to every event and gathering that requires quality natural mineral water for enriching lives and communities.

Maximum Purity

We are committed to maintaining the standard of our water by monitoring and testing the quality. We have well qualified and proficient engineers onboard that ensure the purity and quality standards of water following the World Health Organization (WHO) standard, in collaboration with the Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA), and The Gambia Standards Bureau (TGSB).

Our water is tested every three months by the Water Quality Laboratory, department of water resources, in the supplement to daily in-house testing by certified lab technicians.

Chlorine Free

We produce chlorine-free natural mineral water. Our waters pass through a carbon filtration system that filters out any chlorine that may be present during the treatment and disinfection of tanks.

Quality Certified

We are dedicated to providing quality, safe, and healthy natural mineral water and aim to continue to comply with all mandatory quality guidelines by local and international regulations.


At Sparkling, we take pride in our water products that contribute to good health and have a positive impact on society. We create a unique bond with nature and tend to enter a relationship with the environment that is sustainable. We believe in sustainable production and consumption of water and promise to continuously strive and innovate our processes and products for better communities and the environment.

Our Process
Our Water Is Different

Our process guarantees the highest safety standards for drinking water and ensures a taste following consumer preference.

At Sparkling, we are deeply focused on the production process to ensure quality assurance at each step. Once we collect the water, we filter it through a unique process emerging as pure and delicious water for consumption. Our filtration process comprises various stages where the water is passed through treatment plants for the removal of impurities and microorganisms. Once the process is over, we test the water and ensure that it’s free from hazardous chemicals or particles.

Six-Step Filtration System
Healthy Composition, Natural Living.

Step 1.

Water is carefully collected, received, and sourced from the underground water access through a borehole.

Step 2.

The raw water from the borehole is first aerated to increase the PH and is then filled in a raw water tank for sedimentation.

Step 3.

The water is then passed through a membrane filter to remove light particles and microorganisms further.

Step 4.

The water then reaches the filtration machine, where it undergoes the reverse osmosis (RO) system for purity and clarity; as a result, this eliminates impurities that may be present in the water.

Step 5.

The water then undergoes Ozone treatment to kill all bacteria and other microorganisms effectively.

Step 6.

For 100% purity, ultra-violet light is applied for additional product disinfection. It is conducted during the highly sanitary filling process at the machines serving as a backup to eradicate any microorganisms that may pass through during the previous stages of the process.