Purity. Quality. Healthy.
Affordable Natural Mineral Water

Your premium producer and supplier of natural mineral water for general public consumption. Enhanced Lives, Healthy Communities & a Greener Planet.

Natural Mineral Water Industry

Sparkling is committed to be the must trusted name in the class of quality natural mineral water production and distribution company, whilst focusing on making sure our loyal customers are satisfied with the quality of the product sparking provides

Maxium Purity

In accordance with international standards and guidelines set by the WHO; in collaboration with the FSQA and TGSB


We help grow resilient communities by taking healthy and sustainable initiatives.

Cholorine Free

Our waters pass through a carbon filtration system to produce chlorine-free natural mineral water.

Quality Certified

We comply with all mandatory quality guidelines by local and international regulations

Our Values

At Sparkling, our ultimate objectives and processes to continuously guide and inspire our policies, values, and practices are:

Delivering High-Quality Water

We deliver high-quality water at affordable prices for convenient and easy access to all.

Excel In Compliance

We comply with established internal values, policies, guidelines, specifications, and practices.

Commitment to Customers

We continuously strive to understand the needs of our consumers to satisfy their expectations.

Enriching Lives and Communities.

We are on a mission to change the world through groundbreaking water products. We believe that the right kind could change lives. Thus, by offering natural mineral water, we help grow resilient communities and offer easy access to clean and high-quality water beneficial for all.

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Superb! I know I am sipping quality and health in every taste when I have TipTopQ Water. Keep it up!
Carl Steven
Great product. Good luck!
I can confidently say that once you try TipTopQ Water, you wouldn’t want to have any other water. I am a satisfied customer.
Natalie Smith
Excellent service! I can truly feel the difference!
Sheryll D’Souza