Healthy Water for Healthy Lives

We consider water as an influential and powerful resource to transform health, communities, and the planet. That’s why, through our quality water, we inspire people to drink better to lead healthier lives. At Sparkling, we are a locally owned and operated natural mineral water production and distribution factory.

At Sparkling, we revolve around the concept of establishing and maintaining meaningful and positive changes in lives in a variety of ways. Our extensive water knowledge and expertise offer the motivation to act as a catalyst to promote water. We utilize a progressive approach and dedication to providing high quality products and services.

Accessibility to Clean, Safe Water

We believe that access to safe drinking water is a fundamental human right. We came into the establishment by realizing the need for providing pure, quality, healthy, and affordable natural mineral water, packaged in cups for the general public. We recognize that the consumption of healthy water is equivalent to maintaining a healthy life; thus, we are committed to providing healthy water at an affordable price. By offering natural water, we help grow resilient communities by taking healthy and sustainable initiatives through real and systemic change. Our innovative ideas and products have always led us to growth and success. Our rich offering of natural mineral water allows us to meet the specific needs of populations around the world.

Our Mission

At Sparkling, we are committed to being the most trusted name in the class of quality natural mineral water production and distribution company. Our core focus is on ensuring the satisfaction of our customers with our quality products.

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Our Vision

We want to be the premier producer and supplier of quality and affordable natural mineral water for general public consumption at a reasonable and affordable price. At Sparkling, our ultimate objectives and processes to continuously guide and inspire our policies, values, and practices are: Delivering High-Quality Water, Excel in Compliance, and Commitment to Customers.

Delivering High-Quality Water

We guarantee to offer the best by continuing to identify improvement opportunities in everything we do. We provide high-quality water at affordable prices for convenient and easy access to all.


Excel In Compliance

To be fully trusted, we comply with established internal values, policies, guidelines, specifications, and practices. We are also in full conformity with relevant local and international regulations and standards

Commitment to Customers

Our client-oriented approach lies at the very heart of our business. We constantly strive to understand the needs of our consumers and what they value to satisfy their expectations.

Accomplishing these goals goes beyond guaranteeing safe and healthy products. It further strengthens operational efficiency and influences innovative behavior, skills, and thinking within the entire organization to create value for consumers.